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Maps For the (Color)Blind

May 3, 2010

7-10% of males have trouble telling the difference between this and this. Why should a mapmaker care? Well, if you want your map to be intelligible to as many people as possible, you should probably not use a red-green color scheme. Unfortunately, many, many mapmakers have forgotten this fact.

2008 Virginia Democratic Primary Results - Obama in Green, Clinton in Red

Where Apple products are the most (and least) popular

The last of these maps being just about the most misguided map I have ever seen (but more on that later).

All of these were found in just a few minutes on Google, meaning that unfortunately, red-green maps are everywhere. Still, this is no excuse for adding to the pile. Even though it might be common to forget about them, the colorblind need maps too, and it is pretty damn easy to select any other color scheme than red-green. So please do.

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